Children learn best when presented with new and stimulating experiences. At Newport Coast Preschool, students spend their days navigating a balanced curriculum, rich in meaningful play and structured small-group learning. We believe that children learn through play and hands-on activity; if given exposure to age-appropriate academics, they will acquire skills and confidence important to their success in Kindergarten and beyond. We provide them with a warm, caring, safe and secure environment by hiring highly trained, experienced and energetic teachers who love children!

We focus on the whole child – making sure that each one thrives socially, cognitively, emotionally and physically. What sets us apart from other philosophies is our differentiated curriculum through small group instruction where each child’s development is supported and challenged to grow. In our nurturing and dynamic environment, a consistent and structured daily schedule helps build confidence. A thoughtful pedagogical approach helps our students leave for elementary school as confident learners, ready to succeed with a love for learning that lasts a lifetime!